Subramanian Balachandran

Balachandran is an experienced Senior Management member with 25+ years of experience in logistics verticals such as Ship Agency, Customs Clearance, Freighting both Sea & Air, Warehousing, Trucking, & Multi-Modal Transport at various levels. Visionary thinking for building company infrastructure, and products from the ground up and spearheading profitable growth. He possesses strong multi-tasking skills with the ability to simultaneously manage all verticals of logistics activity.

He is MBA Graduate & also a Customs Authorized Signatory under Rule 6 of the present Customs House Agents Licensing Regulations & certified in the Dangerous Goods Regulations for Air Cargo Transport.

His varied experience provides valuable perspective to management cultivating a sense of partnership across all verticals in the company, strengthening teamwork, setting targets at all levels, vision focus, and strategies that produce the best possible business results.  He is trying balanced the drive for growth with focused responsibility & emphasis on generating the highest possible ROI.

He began his career in ICSA in 1993 to handle air freight activity, CHA basics, subsequently, he moved to the Bangalore office to start the air freight division.

In 2000, he played a vital role in obtaining IATA approval in ICSA’s name & started air freight activity in Bangalore. He also played an active role in extending the ICSA Customs licence to the Bangalore office in 2005 & obtained a separate new CHB licence in the name of the associate company M/S Deepak Agencies Private Limited in 2010. He has also handled a shipping agency for Mitusi O.S.K. Lines & Zim Integrated Container lines at Bangalore location for nearly one decade.  Later, he took over the branch operation from 2005 which includes CHB, freighting, liner agency & transportation.

In 2013, he was promoted as General Manager with overall responsibility to handle CHB, Freighting.  Later, transport & CFS activities as operational Head.