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Cargo Security and Driver Safety

The Transport and Mobility Solutions division of the ICSA GROUP commenced trucking operation in 1998 since then has been serving the commercial trucking industry for over two decades (25 years), giving us an acute understanding of the sector and expertise in adding immense value to the EXIM trade.

Over the last two decades, we have grown to a sizeable fleet of over 175 owned vehicles of various sizes like 20/40/low bed trailers / LCVs and capabilities of carrying from 1 Mt to multi-axle articulated trailers with a carrying capacity of over 30 Metric Tonnes, it caters to a large selection of cargoes to ocean-going 20′ & 40′ Containers.

Our fleets consist of trucks from leading brands such as Ashok Leyland, TATA, Mahindra, EICHER, and Daimler Benz.

We provide top-notch transportation solutions that act as a catalyst in making your EXIM Supply chain efficient. The division oversees the procurement, maintenance, and operation of vehicles, equipment, and infrastructure related to transport. The transport division works closely with other divisions and external stakeholders to provide efficient and effective transport solutions that meet the needs and expectations of the organization. The division also ensures compliance with safety, environmental, and legal standards.

Deepak Agencies (P) Ltd functions as the trucking arm of the ICSA Group.

Our Smart Fleet Management (WINSTRATA) is a comprehensive approach that integrates advanced technologies to monitor, analyse, and optimize vehicle fleets. This innovative solution transforms traditional fleet operations into data-driven, efficient, and agile systems by leveraging real-time data, GPS tracking, telematics, and predictive analytics. Key aspects include:

Real-time Monitoring

Keep track of vehicle health, location, and performance.

24/7 Control Centre

To manage our fleet and drivers.

Route Optimization

Minimize travel time, fuel consumption, and emissions.

Driver Behaviour Analysis

Enhance safety and efficiency by monitoring driver habits.

Cost Reduction

Streamline maintenance, fuel expenses, and overall fleet management.

Our structured, logical approach derives the below benefits in turn pass on to our customers.

  • Efficiency: Real-time insights enable proactive decision-making, reducing downtime and optimizing routes.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Smart management leads to fuel savings, reduced maintenance costs, and improved resource allocation.
  • Sustainability: Minimize environmental impact by optimizing routes and reducing emissions.
  • Compliance: Ensure adherence to regulations and safety standards.

Deepak Agencies (P) Ltd functions as the trucking arm of the ICSA Group.

Our fleets consist of trucks from leading brands such as Ashok Leyland, TATA, Mahindra, EICHER, and Daimler Benz. We have a strong fleet acquisition strategy, we take great pride in managing a young fleet, and the average age of our fleet will always be maintained at less than 7 years.

Our diversified fleet includes 20-TA3, 40-TR1, 40-TR2, 40-TR3, and LCV, which caters to a wide range of operational needs with precision and reliability as each category is meticulously curated to deliver optimal performance.

Our extensive presence across key regions such as Chennai, Cochin, Bangalore, and Tuticorin emphasizes our commitment to providing efficient transportation solutions tailored to the customer’s unique demands.

We prioritize the Health and Safety of our Drivers. ICSA Group with its vast experience in transportation has designed an exclusive training and wellness program for our drivers. The key features of our program are as below:

  • Qualified Drivers: We exclusively employ drivers with valid licenses and a wealth of experience, ensuring expertise behind the wheel.
  • Continuous Training: Our drivers undergo regular training sessions to refine skills and reinforce safety protocols, guaranteeing top-tier performance on the road.
  • Personalized Counseling: Through tailored counseling sessions, we address crucial topics such as alcohol awareness, conflict resolution, and strict adherence to traffic rules, fostering a culture of responsibility among our team.
  • Strategic Duty Scheduling: With meticulously planned duty schedules, we prevent exhaustion-induced risks, prioritizing driver well-being and operational efficiency.
  • Proactive Health Monitoring: Our proactive health monitoring initiatives ensure that drivers are in peak physical condition, further enhancing safety and reliability in our operations.