ICSA Projects division has extensive knowledge and expertise in planning and executing large Projects and OD Cargo movement. Wisdom gained by experience helps us to provide integrated solutions to all your Projects and OD Cargo movements.

ICSA prides itself on its systematic approach and point-to-point management with planning routes and transfer points to ensure prompt on-time pickup and delivery of odd-size packages and project cargoes.

Be it Windmill Blades or Gas Turbines, Generators or Boilers, every ODC & Project goes through a “Four Stage” process as mentioned below.

Plan and Design

  • Understanding the Business, its Requirements and Demands
  • Studying the Dimensions and limitations of the ODC movements
  • Precision planning.
  • Identifying the resources required for the movement.
  • Undertaking route surveys and selecting dependable carriers.
  • Customized and Cost-effective pricing
  • Arriving at the Optimum plan agreeable by all stakeholders

Strategy and Execution

  • Integrated end-to-end logistics management.
  • Execution of projects through meticulous planning and ensuring timely pickup & delivery.
  • Arranging security to escort sensitive cargo.
  • On-site management & coordination with customers.
  • Spot decisions and alternate plans
  • We ensure proper Lashing & Choking and provide adequate Dunnage for shipment

Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Access to a comprehensive network of highly sophisticated trucks and trailers such as High Bed Trailers, Low Bed Trailers, Multi axles, Heavy Duty, and specially fabricated vehicles for the movement of ODC cargo.
  • Specialized Material Handling Equipment (Cranes & Hoists, Tynes & Grabs)

Shipping and Freighting

  • Worldwide network of professional Agents with exclusive access to specialized break bulk ships and equipment like 20’and 40 ‘Open tops, Flat racks, Heavy Duty and Mafi ...
  • Ship Chartering and Air Charter Services
  • Specialized Bulk Shipping Solutions (Barges, Trans loaders, and Coastal Shipping)